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  • Carolyn Dokken
    Posted at 07:03h, 20 February Reply

    I did not even hear about this information or where, how or when it was presented. Community Associations do not reach a great deal of the community ( we can’t afford their membership of our community association). We do not go to the community hall because we don’t have children and the activities that we are involved in are not presented at the community hall.

    I always look for information on the bulletin board that is in the hallway that is close to the chiropractor’s office at the Co-Op Shopping Centre. Haven’t seen anything there, Hadn’t noticed anything on the Co-Op bulletin boards. I seldom go out the east end of the store so I am not aware of what information is on the board.

    As members of the Co-Op I thought we would have received some information from them. I had personally gone into the store and asked “management” what was going to happen with the land at 24th Street and Southland Drive. My husband and I had spent a great deal of time being involved with and researching the RBT Project and hear some rumors about the land on 24th Street and Southland Drive being involved. The management at Co-Op had told us they had been to meetings and that the land was owned by Co-Op and that any plans had to go before the board and the members. I am now thinking that this was a cover-up and the membership did not even know about this. The people that the stores and businesses rely on are the last to know. You want our input when we feel that this is a done deal – just like the city and the RBT. What a disappointment.

    I also tried to get in touch with a Board Member or the President and was not able to get anywhere. Now I see, according to the Herald, they have a new CEO. I will have to try to reach him, It feels like the citizens have been ignored once again. I am trying to keep an open mind on this matter. There are some good things. Hopefully at the February 23rd meeting Co-Op and the Developer will listen to the people and possibly understand any concerns and answer any questions. that we have. Oakridge is a very special, close-knit community. We are worried with extra traffic from the ring-road, other development projects planned along with the RBT (ie: Glenmore Landing), more buses and less access because of more traffice) that the quality of life if going to disappear. Instead of our houses maintaining their value they will become less appealing because of too many people, cars and the quality of life/people will deteriorate.

    Please send me any detailed information that you have. It is very important that I understand exactly what is happening (correct numbers not wild estimates, clarifications etc. I would be most interesting in attending study groups to become more aware (although I will be away for March). I would appreciate any information as it comes forward.

    Thank you.

    • Admin
      Posted at 23:30h, 21 February Reply

      Hi Carolyn;

      Thank you for your comments and questions. We did a mix of engagement activities (not just the community association) which can be found here: http://oakridgecrossingyyc.ca/?page_id=15425. We did have signs for a time period on the bulletin board you referenced and we had an information kiosk in the store over a 6 week period in the Fall in the main entrance to connect with members. We also had two open house events in the mall portion of the plaza in October which were advertised. As you can imagine, it is difficult to reach everyone using one method, which is why we did (and continue to do) many activities, over different time periods.

      The projects were all presented at Co-op AGM in previous years (members were present) and were board approved. We continue to gather feedback from the community as does the community association and city (so there are several ways to provide it regardless of your membership status with the community association).

      The website has project details here: http://oakridgecrossingyyc.ca/?page_id=15369 – the details are factual and align with what was submitted in the development permit and land use change applications (they are two separate applications and processes). We would be happy to also do a call with you to explain anything you’d like to know, if you’d like to send your number to questions@oakridgecrossingyyc.ca.

      Thank you!

  • Bruce Wiggers
    Posted at 10:15h, 23 February Reply

    There are community news booklets that go out to most of the households. Would have been an easy place to advertise, or perhaps have them write up a free news article on the proposed changes.
    Currently there is a sign along the main streets in front of Oakridge coop. that simply states “Calgary.ca/coop OPEN HOUSE OAK PARK CHURCH FEB 23”. Do you really believe that this give the message that there is an open house regarding redevelopment that is proposed? I showed a couple of people a picture I took of the sign and they had no idea what it actually meant. Once I told them, they were very surprised to find out what this meeting is really about.
    I call it deception, and something that in future meetings will be used to explain how well the general public was informed of this project. This is not community engagement.

    • Admin
      Posted at 22:58h, 27 February Reply

      Hi Bruce – a full page advertisement about the project went out in the January Oakridge Echo. We’ve also done a number of other engagement activities since June of 2016. Learn more here: http://oakridgecrossingyyc.ca/?page_id=15425. Thank you for your comments.

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