Oakridge Crossing | A Phased Approach
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A Phased Approach

One of the top questions we get in regards to the proposed Oakridge Co-op redevelopment is if area residents are going to lose the grocery store they love, as well as the services of of other businesses currently located in the shopping centre. The short answer is no – the current Co-op store will not be closing until its replacement is built. This also applies to the banks, medical offices and most of the other services on-site.

Phase The proposed development will take a phased approach to make this happen. The first phase will be to build a new building on the west edge of the property (circled in the image). This two story building will have retail/office on the main level and offices on the second. This will be the new home of many of the current tenants found in the “mall” area.

There will also be a breezeway in the centre of this new building to allow for pedestrian access to the town homes currently located behind this new building, to allow for safe pedestrian access to the property and services.

Once the new building is complete and tenants have moved in, the current mall portion of the Co-op shopping centre will be demolished and construction on the new store will begin. The existing Co-op store will continue to be operational while this occurs, however the mall access to Co-op will be closed.


oak-phase-3Once the new store is built, it will open and the old store will be closed. At that time, it will be torn down and construction of the new residence complex will begin. The residences will be 1-3 bedroom units with a secure courtyard garden over top of grade level parking. The south side (facing the parking lot) will have retail at ground level. The west side will have a pedestrian lane-way (with vehicle access restricted to emergency vehicles only). The north side (facing Oakmoor Drive) will see residences at ground level, creating a more welcoming and pedestrian friendly streetscape for those on Oakmoor.

The fourth phase will be a mixed use building at the corner of Oakmoor Dr and 24th street. It will have office on the main level, with two floors of office space above. There will be an additional 8 storeys of residential completing the building. A two level underground parkade will provide parking for  residents of this building.

The A&W, Boston Pizza, Co-op liquor store, gas bar and car wash will remain unchanged in this re-development, with the exception of improved pedestrian access points, parking realignment and landscaping.

We are currently in the process of submitting development permit applications. We are hoping to begin construction in about a year. The entire project, from first shovel to last light bulb is expected to take 5-6 years to complete, with the new Co-op store at the 2.5 year mark. To stay up-to-date with the lastest project details, please sign up for our email updates here. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


  • Gerald and Betty Bukowicki
    Posted at 11:02h, 12 November Reply

    Looking forward to this new development
    We built a new house on oakmoor cres.and moved in may 1971 still in the same home
    Would be interested in a new condo

    • Lauren Herschel
      Posted at 23:36h, 18 November Reply

      Thank you for your feedback! We know many long-time Oakridge residents are looking forward to the re-development.Check back here on the website for updates on the status of the project!

  • Charles Cummings
    Posted at 05:05h, 06 January Reply

    I am more than disappointed with the Directors of the Coop. The consequences of this development will compound in the high density housing with that current existing density to the East, West and South of the Coop. Traffic will increase on 24th Street and Oakmoor Drive and parking pressures will increase. Emphasis is placed on ” amenities” for the community. What does this mean and what are they? The value of surrounding residential properties will surely decline as suggested by experience of City Planners. It is also well established that with higher density of a population comes an increase in crime that is disproportionate to a simple increase in the housing. This is simply a development for profit at the expense of the community-it is difficult to comprehend how the community is improved. I have developed properties but have respected the community concerns and impact on the community. To suggest residents are excited about the development is disingenuous. i cannot support this project.

    • Lauren Herschel
      Posted at 06:28h, 06 January Reply

      Hi Charles – thank you for your feedback. We value your concerns and will do our best to address them with this response. In terms of the added density in the area, the population of the four surrounding neighbourhoods has declined by about 1700 in the last 10 years. This project will likely see about 400 residents added to the area – less than 1/4 of what has been lost in the last decade. There is more than the required amount of parking included in the redevelopment plans, and a traffic study has been completed as part of the application process (findings: the roads have capacity with the intersection at Oakmoor and 24th needing to be monitored for potential issues in the future).
      These types of redevelopments are shown to increase property values of surrounding homes – it is community reinvestment that brings better, modern shopping and employment options, better services (medical, dental, financial) and amenities such as restaurants, businesses, community space and safer access for pedestrians. It will not cause an increase in crime (more pedestrians, a vibrant, viable urban centre rather than an aging under used plaza).

      We’d be happy to discuss your concerns at greater length and get any other feedback you may have should you wish to provide us with your contact information that you wish for us to reach you with. Thank you again for your feedback!

  • Amanda MacKay
    Posted at 00:15h, 17 January Reply

    I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Cumming’s comments above. As a 10-year Oakridge resident (family with kids in our local school), I am very excited about this redevelopment. With the exception of the buildings that won’t really be changed (A&W, Co-op Liquor Store, Boston Pizza and Gas Bar), this plaza is currently dated and not fully meeting the needs of Oakridge residents. I am excited to have a newer Co-op with more exciting fresh food options and hopefully room for more products, like those that are carried at the Macleod Trail Co-op. I think it’s wonderful that long-time residents of Oakridge who are ready to downsize to a condo will have the option to do so without leaving the neighbourhood. I am pleased that the medical and professional businesses that are already established will remain and get new & improved facilities. And I really, really have my fingers crossed for a coffee shop with lots of seating and hopefully another restaurant option as well. We love this community and would love to be able to ‘go out’ more without leaving the area. Will be watching the progress of this project with great interest!

    • Admin
      Posted at 00:53h, 17 January Reply

      Hi Amanda – Thank you for your positive comments. Co-op and Quarry Bay Investments are both local to Calgary (with many employees who live in the oakridge area) and we are excited for the reinvestment in the community too (and agree that a coffee shop and another eating option would be a great addition!). Have a great day!

    • Joyce N. Davis
      Posted at 02:16h, 18 January Reply

      Hi Amanda:

      Have read you comments & agree, in part with some of them. I agree that our Co-Op needs to be updated. I, as well as many of my neighbors, attended their opening some 38 years ago. It has structural issues & asbestos.. I also have lived in Oakridge for many years, more than 40. Many of my neighbors have lived here for 30+ & 40+ years. Not sure if you are aware, but we are a unique village. Within the 4 major communities (Braeside, Cedarbrae, Palliser & Oakrdige) there are approximately 2800 low to medium rentals, low to medium home values that include row, town homes, apartments,& duplexes. That is more than enough for this area. Lauren Herschel (Quarry Bay) is saying that about (meaning close to or near to) will have 400 residents move in. Speaking with Real Estate Agents & Leasing Agents they all agree that there will potentially be 1000 residents moving into the 2 block area. Our 4 communities support each other. There are many businesses that have been in our 4 communities for many years. To ask that another restaurant or coffee shop open up at Oakridge is doing a disservice to those that we need to strongly support. I’m sorry that you feel that you want to only remain in Oakridge, dining & having coffee, however, please look at the bigger picture of supporting the communities surrounding us. We are a village & villages look after one another. Co-Op is planning the same expansion for Dalhousie, North Hill & Brentwood. Co-Op is struggling financially with the very competitive market. This is why they are planning the development. To garner revenue. The 12 & 10 floor towers do not fit into the community landscape, We are not inner city & no one is going to sell only to have their home rebuilt as infills. Please also look at the designs that the City has in store for 14 St. by Glenmore Landing, specifically the 50 million under pass & what the Nation is planning on building just west of us. Home development, retail & a Costco. Please also look at where the BRT & access to the ring road will be. Please reassess your thoughts & help us to continue to be the vibrant village that we are.

      • Admin
        Posted at 03:11h, 18 January Reply

        Hi Joyce. Thank you for your continued feedback on the project. We appreciate your passion for the neighbourhood and value your concerns.
        Co-op is a membership based organization, local to Calgary and very invested in their community (please see their website for some of the great ways they continue to re-invest in the community

      • http://www.calgarycoop.com/community/community-investment/
      • ). They are also, as you pointed out, a business and have a responsibility to Co-op members, their shareholders to generate revenue. They are opting to rebuild select stores to better serve members, be more environmentally efficient and replace aging facilities. The redevelopment(s) will allow them to have more accessible stores, better community space and offer more products to customers. By adding additional retail and residential as well as office, they are creating more variety for area residents, and an improved population (both workers and residents) to use these new services, as well as other area services you have mentioned. The four area neighbourhoods have decreased in population in the last 10 years (by over 1500 people). This redevelopment will help restore some of that lost population. In addition, many area residents have expressed an interest in downsizing from their current neighbourhood homes into one of the new units to allow them to stay in the area but live in a more physically accessible, suitably sized, new home. As stated before, based on unit size (mostly 1&2 bedrooms), we expect approximately 400 residents, not 1000 people.
        Thank you again for your comments and we continue to extend the offer to further discuss other feedback you may have.

    Posted at 00:58h, 17 January Reply

    Please add me to your future notices regarding this project.


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