Oakridge Crossing | Did you know? Interesting Facts about Oakridge
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Did you know? Interesting Facts about Oakridge

ok mapOakridge, as a neighbourhood, has been around for a little over 45 years. Initially, the land where Oakridge now sits, just south of the Glenmore reservoir, was under the jurisdiction of the Municipal District of Rocky View until being annexed to the City of Calgary in 1956. It was officially established as a neighbourhood in 1968 and borders the communities of Cederbrae, Braeside and Palliser. To the north, its border is the reservoir and to the west the Tsuu T’ina Nation.

What do you know about Oakridge? Here are some interesting facts about this great southwest Calgary neighbourhood:

  • The land area is 2.4 square kilometres
  • 5,734 people call Oakridge home (2016 data) in 2293 dwellings (this means an average of 2.5 people live in each home)
  • About 98% of the homes in Oakridge are single family homes
  • 8.4% of area homes are used as rentals
  • Oakridge Co-op opened in 1976
  • Oakridge is home to the first condos in Calgary – the townhomes known as Oakhampton Court on Palliser Drive SW had the first condominium corporation registered with the City
  • 90th Ave has been a road (in some capacity)  for decades prior to any development in the area. it was used by local farmers to access their land hand has been a planned access road for the future southwest rig road for decades
  • In 2014, a home in Oakridge was transformed into a functional Tim Hortons for a day
  • Oakridge is home to more than a dozen parks and playgrounds, including South Glenmore Park and the nearby Weaselhead Natural Area
  • The most walkable communities in Calgary include Oakridge along with McKenzie Town, Nolan Hill, Bridgeland and Mission
  • At least 389 cats and 829 dogs call Oakridge home. There are several off leash dog parks in the area
  • South Glenmore Park has a variety of year round activities including sailing, extensive pathways for walking, running and cycling, cross country skiing and a playground/splashpad for families during the summer months
  • Hockey is very popular in the neighbourhood with many residents enjoying the community rinks for hockey and other activities
  • Tennis and other racquet sports are fair weather favourites with neighbourhood residents. Oakridge boasts its own outdoor racquet club  as well as city owned tennis courts in South Glenmore park

With its proximity to downtown, easy access to major roadways and transit and beautiful, tree lined streets, Oakridge is a popular neighbourhood in Calgary with a wide demographic of families, seniors, and single professionals. Nearby amenities such as parks and other leisure activities add to the area’s desirability. With the addition of redevelopment of some of the commercial and retail land in the area as well as additional transportation systems being introduced, Oakridge properties stand to see an increase in this desirability and value further over the coming decade.



  • Joyce N. Davis
    Posted at 02:34h, 27 February Reply

    Facts that contradict Quarry Bay.

    1706 are Single family dwellings, less that 75% compared to the 98% that Quarry Bay is stating. There are 144 Duplexes, 443 townhouses. I would encourage Quarry Bay to prove their statistics with links for those of us who want to verily their numbers. 266 townhouse & apartment units are not needed. That will put less than 67% of Single Family Homes in our neighborhood.

    Out of the 2293 dwellings in Oakridge there are only about 400 dwellings that belong to the Oakridge Community Association. It is highly unlikely that close to none living in the 266 units will join the Community Association. So, no further benefit to our community.

    90th Avenue has not been a planned access route to the rig road. It has been planned for the Ring Road. Petty, but really?

    Real Estate Agents & Leasing Agents maintain that this development will decrease the value of homes near this development. Again, Quarry Bay, verify statistically to prove otherwise.

    It would also be appreciated by many of us, that previous comments and responses not be deleted. Everyone should be able to read all of the comments & responses from the beginning to the end of this process. Also, instead of trying to navigate the many avenues that you have for comments to be posted, please only use one comment page so that everyone has only one site to access.

    Our Scout & Cub troupe have been holding their annual Christmas Tree sales at the Southwest corner of the parking lot for many years. It has been a financial resource & staple of not only ours but surrounding communities. There will no longer be a place for them.

    I have 50 verified hard copy pages of data that I am most willing to share regarding the statistics of not only Oakridge, but Braeside, Cedarbrae & Palliser. All 4 communities will be affected by this development.

    • Admin
      Posted at 23:08h, 27 February Reply

      Hi Joyce – the numbers provided came from the 2015 and then the 2016 City of Calgary Census, found here https://data.calgary.ca/Demographics/Census-By-Community-2016/cje4-zd6c. Another source referenced was this Calgary Herald article: http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/one-map-that-shows-calgarys-doughnut-of-decline-neighbourhoods-may-be-facing-trouble-ahead.

      There are other benefits to a community when neighbourhoods grow outside of people joining the community association. Better support for services, improved transit, younger individuals and families moving in, reduced social isolation for seniors and increased amenities are a few of those benefits.

      All comments and responses have been posted and are posted unless they are spam. There is a delay in publishing as a result of spam filter. Nothing has been deleted.
      We understand you are not in favour of this development and we have continued to be open to reaching out to you to discuss your concerns. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

  • Keith Turner
    Posted at 02:05h, 09 March Reply

    I don’t mind the idea of a new project going and to me it’s not a bad looking project. I can see a down side as to the parking stalls for the number of business. Could you tell me how many parking stall there are now compared to how many there will be in the new Oakridge crossing? I would like you to compare the no. of parking stall for public access only please. And can you tell me how many stalls per suite there will be on the apartment side .
    Thanks Keith

    • Admin
      Posted at 04:39h, 09 March Reply

      Hi Keith,

      Thank you for your questions. The current ratio for the proposed residential is 1.3 stalls per unit (each unit has a stall, some will have two available). There is grade level covered parking in the north west portion of the property and a parkade in the north east corner.

      There are currently approximately 657 stalls for retail, the gas station and Co-op members (many of which are not used). Obviously, as a retailer, landlord and land owner, Co-op is ensuring there is enough parking for the various uses going forward(330+) while also increasing the safety of pathways for the pedestrians who access the site from adjacent homes.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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