Oakridge Crossing | Community Engagement
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We’re reaching out to the community of Oakridge (and surrounding neighbourhoods) in a number of ways, to let residents¬†know about the proposed redevelopment plans.

To date, several engagement and outreach activities have been completed, such as:


  • Information table at the 2016/17 Oakridge Community Association Stampede BBQ (July 2016, 2017)
  • Co-op employee¬†information sessions
  • In-Store Kiosk at the Oakridge Co-op (September/October 2016)
  • Exploratory meetings with the Oakridge Community Association
  • QBI led Open House events (October 2016)
  • Promoted social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Information posted on the Oakridge Community Association website
  • Signs/postcards in the Oakridge Co-op and Oakridge Community Association
  • Ad in the Oakridge Echo (January 2017)
  • Project website
  • Email/phone correspondence including email update sign up options
  • Face-to-face meetings with community members
  • City of Calgary engagement including surveys, pop-ups and sounding boards (Summer 2017)
  • Email from community association to members (January 2017)
  • Community Association notices – Oakridge Echo
  • City-led open house February and summer 2017
  • Community info session November 2017


As community engagement is of ongoing importance to us, we will also be looking at the following future outreach opportunities as the project progresses:

  • Email updates (newsletter)
  • Future open house events
  • Community member/group meetings as requested/required
  • Promoted social media campaigns
  • Community event information tables
  • Onsite and roadside signage where permitted
  • Print advertising
  • Continued City of Calgary and Community Association engagement


For more information about our engagement process and strategy or to discuss the proposed redevelopment, please contact us.